Friday, 28 March 2014

Dear Diary...Wednesday 17th July 1991. 150km from civilisation.

Mid morning, after a trip to the Super, a missed postal van (I'll have to wait another day now to phone Trine) and a chocolate binge!
I feel much better now - back to normal - despite being the lone gooseberry in a desert full of couples!
But this whole desert thing - it's not for me, I can't believe I ever thought it would be - Eilat is 150km away - and hitching is all a bit dodgy as the road is so isolated.
Beersheva is nearer, but what is there to do in Beersheva?

The Shack.
150km from civilisation.
I'm getting increasingly bored and frustrated with the whole thing - if you miss the postal van there is no way to phone anyone - there's one shop and a pool, but that's about it. How do people cope with the isolation?
And last night I was sharing Emma's abandoned, rickety shack with cockroaches.
I can't face cockroaches again tonight. They were scuttling round the sink!
Please, please, PLEASE let someone leave SdotYam soon so I can jump in their bed!!!

Helped Emma polish mangos in the morning, drawing in the afternoon and a party supper in the evening.
But - what has happened to Emma???
I've never seen her like this before.
Where's the girl who was always last to leave a party - larger than life and twice as loud, with an overnight bag slung over her shoulder ''just incase'' whenever we went clubbing!
She seems to have lost some of that confidence, and her mood swings are all over the place - one minute she's hyper, manic and bouncing, the next she's in tears.
And she's started taking lithium.
I'm worried about Emma.



  1. Oh my gosh, where on earth are you??

  2. It was Moshav Hatzeva in the middle of the Negev Desert - and I don't think I've ever stayed in a more isolated, inhospitable place!
    I'm sure it's lovely now, but in 1991 it was extremely remote with just one desert road up towards Tel Aviv or down towards Eilat.

    Sarah x

  3. I love to be alone, but that is so much different than being isolated from everything because there is nothing. I would get depressed very easily.

  4. Wow that must have been a little scary being that isolated. I wonder what it looks like now though.