Saturday, 8 March 2014

If there's a knack to the flatpack, I don't have it.

To start with an understatement...
I am not a great fan of flatpacks.
I really don't know why I buy them, just the thought of a flatpack fills me with dread.
It's the certainty of parts left over, missing, torn - bits the wrong way around and - worse of all - the indecipherable instructions.

But yesterday, waking up to the novelty of sunlight streaming through the curtains and a fridge depleted of all salad bar a floppy pepper, I was reminded of the still boxed greenhouse lurking in the coalshed.
Where it has stayed, well hidden, for nearly a year.

A day of sunshine to inspire battle with a flatpack.
Llanrhidian Marsh.

I think there's a knack with flatpacks, and I don't have it.
I know I SHOULD count the bits, read the instructions and organise, but what happens - without fail - is that I rip open the box, pull out random pieces and skim the instructions.
And end up with wonky bits, wrong bits and a bad mood.
And as for the instructions...oh my looked like a 3D science diagram!

I like my instructions step by step with pictures -and this had no written instructions at all.

And being a leftie, 3D scientific drawings are a definite no-no.
Like tying shoelaces.  
And knitting.

But, hours later and with my dad to help with the technical bits, I am now the proud owner of a greenhouse, albeit an empty one, which the cats seem to think is a feline playhouse.

Unlike the shoelaces, which I can still only do by tying two loops together.

Which is something only a fellow leftie will understand....

Helper and hinderer.


  1. Ha, my son's a leftie, he'll completely understand. I so often feel sorry for him looking all cack-handed with everything, bless him. Have fun filling your greenhouse. It'll soon start to look fabulous and you'll love reaping the rewards in a few months time.

    Beautiful photo - what a gorgeous view.

    Elaine, Ellie's Treasures

  2. Thankyou :)
    I've got cucumber seeds to pot up this afternoon and I may just stick a chair in there aswell because it's beautifully warm!

    Sarah x