Wednesday, 24 April 2013

From Disney with love...

Ooohhh, my goodness...I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it in a local charity shop, nestling unloved and unappreciated amongst the nylon duvets.

It is a gorgeous,early 1960's Walt Disney Productions fabric,  a soft cotton which was, in a previous life, a curtain.  Obviously well loved and well cared for, the colours nearly as bright today as they were fifty years ago.  
Beautiful, and very nostalgic.

Today I have used a portion of this fabric to make a cushion.  The back is a stripy navy and white polycotton.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Liberating Liberty Lawn.

A trip to London is never complete without a visit to Liberty.  Accompanied by an impulse buy.  Or three.
One of which just has to be a gorgeous, Liberty Lawn print.  
However, I then fall in love with these fabrics and they sit, unused, on shelves as I can't bare to cut them.
But yesterday I broke the habit of a lifetime and liberated my very favourite print, a flamboyant, floral riot of colour, and made Hibiscus, a snoozy owl doorstop.

I love these colours together!  

The curse of the family bunions.

My grandma is 91. 
Sifting through old photos, and my childhood memories, she was beautiful.  Still is beautiful.
She has many, many qualities that I admire,  but the part which I have inherited?
Bunions!  Great big, fat bunions. 
I glare at these lumps on the side of my feet and instantly remember the times when we'd visit my grandma, only to find she'd taken a scissors to a brand new pair of slippers to accommodate the bunions.  I don't own slippers and my shoes are intact, but these bunions are just like my grandma's, and I have visions of Josh tut tutting, as I mangle a pair of shoes with a stanley knife.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Desperately seeking Spring.

Where oh where is Spring?
Saturday morning, I awoke to birdsong and bright sunshine.
 By 7.45 I was crouched outside, in mismatched pyjamas and ski socks, taking photos of primroses. 
 By lunchtime I had ripped my arms to shreds in a battle with the brambles. I had planted the seeds that had been languishing in a cupboard waiting for sun and weeded the strawberry patch.
The afternoon was gorgeous, and, feeling the sun on my face, I was lulled into believing that Spring had finally arrived - it lasted just one day.
So now, two days later, the heating is on, I'm huddled under a blanket and the garden is shrouded in a curtain of grey mist and drizzle.  Oh my, oh my!

The delicate beauty of the primrose.