Wednesday, 24 April 2013

From Disney with love...

Ooohhh, my goodness...I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it in a local charity shop, nestling unloved and unappreciated amongst the nylon duvets.

It is a gorgeous,early 1960's Walt Disney Productions fabric,  a soft cotton which was, in a previous life, a curtain.  Obviously well loved and well cared for, the colours nearly as bright today as they were fifty years ago.  
Beautiful, and very nostalgic.

Today I have used a portion of this fabric to make a cushion.  The back is a stripy navy and white polycotton.


  1. That is lovely. Charity shops are real treasure troves - I'm currently on the hunt for quilt backing. I hope I stumble across something like this :-)

  2. Thankyou :)
    Finding something like this makes all the hours I've spent sifting through polyester and nylon worthwhile!
    Sarah x