Monday, 22 April 2013

Desperately seeking Spring.

Where oh where is Spring?
Saturday morning, I awoke to birdsong and bright sunshine.
 By 7.45 I was crouched outside, in mismatched pyjamas and ski socks, taking photos of primroses. 
 By lunchtime I had ripped my arms to shreds in a battle with the brambles. I had planted the seeds that had been languishing in a cupboard waiting for sun and weeded the strawberry patch.
The afternoon was gorgeous, and, feeling the sun on my face, I was lulled into believing that Spring had finally arrived - it lasted just one day.
So now, two days later, the heating is on, I'm huddled under a blanket and the garden is shrouded in a curtain of grey mist and drizzle.  Oh my, oh my!

The delicate beauty of the primrose.


  1. Thankyou :)
    Such a beautiful wild flower that is flourishing this always signals the start of Spring to me.