Sunday, 7 August 2016

''Hello (cat) have you seen my glasses?'' That sudden 40s awareness of just how many feline conversations I have!

''Hello Suki, have you seen my glasses?''
Now, in the past I would have thought nothing of the conversations I have with the cats.
Furry, faithful and in their teenage, they have been privvy to many secrets, confessions and traumatic events.
However, with the arrival of new neighbours and dodgy soundproofing, I have suddenly become aware of the conversations I am having with my furry family.
I hit my 40s and morphed into lady-who-has-conversatons-with-cats.



And as for new neighbours...
Now, they moved in a week ago with an array of power tools, big plans and a grizzly toddler.
And a complete disregard for established plants in a shared part of the garden.
Which have now been strimmed to oblivion.
If it was above ground level, it was strimmed.
Including the green frond backdrop I have consistently used to photograph stock.
And a rhubarb plant that was in full flow.

I think it's safe to say we'll never be friends...


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Reloved, reclaimed. Vintage treasure versus mass produced High Street = no contest.

As I survey my home I would say that 80% of furniture is charity shop gold.

Now, beds may be a no no for me, along with large kitchen appliances, but when it comes to furniture it's reloved all the way.
And this week brought a particularly wonderful display cabinet, dating back to the 1920s.
Gorgeous, tactile solid wood, with wooden shelves, carvings and glass to the front and big ball feet.
Oh my goodness, it's beautiful!!!
And now home to stock, a vast improvement on the stacking plastic boxes they used to reside in.

I love the history of vintage.
I love the remnants of times past, maybe old wallpaper lining a drawer, or pins at the bottom of a sewing box.

Now, Swansea may not be renouned for its all embracing attitude of vintage clothing and soft furnishings.
Indeed, one particular charity shop, which shall remain nameless, admitted to binning 1970s curtains and bedspreads as they deemed them too old fashioned to sell.
Although they do seem to like polyester and nylon shell suits from the 1980s.

However, when it comes to vintage furniture, one shop stands out above all the competition.
The Britsh Red Cross, located on Oxford Street, may not look like much on the outside, but inside it is a vast treasure trove of ever changing stock.
And my absolute favourite shop in Swansea.

If you like dark wood, carved wood, oak and pianos;
If you appreciate 1920s - 1960s quirkiness then this is the shop for you.
Along with staff who care, a fantastic pricing structure and a delivery service many stores could learn from.

Where else gives you a two hour time frame and still rings to let you know when they're 20 minutes away?
Or keeps an item for you when you try to exercise willpower one day, only to regret it hours later???
(More than once!)

I currently have my eye on a wooden sewing table with curvy legs...
And their number on speed dial!