Saturday, 27 May 2017

Roses are pink, Sugar Skulls red..

Well, as I don't seem to be in imminent danger of distraction by sunshine, Sugar Skulls it is then.

I do have a particular fondness for this fabric.
Both colourways pop, and it's a versatile fabric.
I've surprised myself with this new found penchant for skulls fabric!
This one will be a coffee cosy.

Surprising how quickly you get used to wall to wall sunshine.
In a week which saw temperatures rivalling Southern Europe rather than the usual welsh spring bathed in grey drizzle, this morning came as a bit of a shock.
And it's cold!

On the upside...and I'm grasping at straws means less distraction from the lure of the garden, a good book and a recliner, but that's not much of an upside!

So...bad TV and a solid day of stock building it is then, with the backdrop of my favourite garden rose through the window.
I've never been particularly good with flowers, but this is a fifteen year old rose bush that just seems to look after itself.
And, unlike me, it thrives in the rain.

Unlike the hedgehogs, who certainly don't take kindly to getting drenched of a night time.

Big Boris, making his nightly visit through the garden fence.
Beautiful Tiggy, seemingly pregnant!

Little Alfred,  a juvenile hedgehog who first appeared in the Autumn.