Saturday, 11 February 2017

Like a homing pigeon on a mission. Hello, Dulux mixing machine, it's been a while!

The wonderful thing about Facebook is the memories it holds.
And this was the month it threw up a blast from my past in the form of a toiletseat painted in the 1990s.
A toiletseat that reignited a love of paint that has lain dormant for more than 15 years.

In 1998 those toiletseats funded my first trip back to Israel since leaving seven years previously.
They enabled me to share with my seven year old son my past, his dad's past and the places, people and kibbutz that were so important to me.
These were very special toiletseats!

Seeing this toiletseat on the screen sent me scurrying to unearth long forgotten and dusty albums.
And made me yearn for paint beneath my fingernails and the smell of fresh paint once again.
So, like a delayed homing pigeon, I once again found myself eyeing up paint charts and lurking by the Dulux paint machine.
Three times I've found myself at that mixing machine this week.
Three times I've impulse bought those sweet little tins of Carribbean colour.
And once again I have paint under my fingernails.
But this time it's furniture.

A banana yellow writing desk, and a £2.50 bargain table...I'm thinking Carribbean pink with a daisy border and apple green legs!