Saturday, 16 November 2013

An orange aura. Tis the season of the fox.

Funny how we are subconsciously influenced by the seasons when it comes to colour.

For the last fortnight I seem to have surrounded myself with tones of orange.
Most odd, as it is neither a colour I wear or, if put on the spot, would name as my favourite colour, and I am notoriously fickle when it comes to colour!

In London last week the orange theme continued.
A trip to Brick Lane unearthed a 1960s fantastically retro cotton fabric in the autumnal hues of brown and orange.
And South Kensington yielded a photo opportunity in the form of a carousel, which morphed into a rainbow of orange tones.

I loved the lighting on this carousel, and the contrast it made against the darkening night sky.
Thankfully, the very photogenic Nadal didn't continue the orange theme at the 02, which was rocking a blue theme. 

But my 21 year old son was unexpectedly rocking crutches and freshly torn ankle ligaments, which did not bode well for London via The Underground. 
That, and a hotel room on the third floor of a Georgian townhouse ...
with no lift!

Returning home, the first item I made was a snoozy fox.
Soft, tactile and looking for a door to prop open.

I've been wanting to make a shaped fox for a long time, and this worked really well in the orange wool.  
Move over owls, it's the season of the fox!

There is something very special about London.
Shoreditch, Brick Lane - Liberty.
The V&A, the galleries...the arches.

There is a particular archway at Shoreditch that draws me in every time.
The dark gloom under the tunnel set against the vibrant graffiti art beyond.

This is a photograph I took last week.
Beneath the Arches.