Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Yes, yes, yes - no - maybe - yes :) Taking the plunge on a long established dream.

A month ago I completed a craft fayre at the local Temple.
I took the grand total of £5 in two days.
Not entirely unexpected, as it was a craft fayre I did every year out of loyalty, but definitely my last.
Furtively leaving the hall on the second day, I stumbled upon a beautiful gift shop I'd known about but never actually ventured into.
The biggest surprise was that I already knew the lovely owner, but then, this is the backend of Gower, where everyone is connected in some way!
I left the shop having secured three shelves to rent for stock, which more than compensated for the craft fayre with no footfall.

Two weeks later, I was offered the shop as a buyer!

For many years I have dreamed of owning my own shop, but dismissed it as a pipedream.
This had the potential to be reality.
I fell in love with everything about the shop, from the quirky potential to the weedy garden and the Belfast sink serving as a hand basin.
I measured the door and in my head I can see workshops and whicker and signage and a large oval table that may have to be forced through the door frame like an elephant through the eye of a needle.
I've made a cursary search of the mundane things like surveyors and solicitors and insurance, all things I've manage to avoid for a lifetime.

And while my heart screams yes, yes, yes, my head occassionally whispers no - maybe - yes - no - maybe!

Maybe I can really do this.

It could be a very interesting month.
And maybe, just maybe, dreams can become reality...