Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Grow, cucumber - GROW!

When it comes to the garden, I'm fickle.
Given that I'm prone to hibernation and shooting angry glares at the rain during winter, I crave urban on the doorstop and a six foot yard.  
With a high wall and patio heater.
However, one whiff of sunshine and I'm sifting through out of date seeds, impulse buying new and yearning for a chicken coop for the overgrown jungle that masquerades as a back garden.
Granted I've always wanted chickens foraging in the garden, love the idea of eggs straight from the chicken, bypassing the cardboard box and date stamps.

Chickens would definitely not feature if I lived in Brick Lane.
Not unless they were shrink wrapped in the fridge from Tesco.
And the garden would be a window box.
But I'd still plump for E1 in a heartbeat.
I can dream...

However, being anchored in rural Gower rather than urban E1 I am in love with my newly constructed greenhouse.
Suki may think of it as a feline playhouse, but to me it is going to be an oasis of tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers.
With a sprinkling of coriander and basil.

There is something very satisfying about growing plants from seed, particularly if they're going to end up as dinner.
And today I planted my first cucumber of 2014...grow,cucumber - GROW!

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