Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dear Diary...Wednesday 3rd July 1991. The Underground - it gets under your skin.

Day 2 in Israel, back in dusty old Hadera with a rucksack, a hangover and a ticket to SdotYam.
An apparently full SdotYam and a two hour wait, but I'm hoping to blag it through Trina.
How did that happen???  Last month I was set on Middlesex uni.
Oh portfolio was distinctly lacking in written work and the uni refused me. Ah well...

Yesterday Emma met me at the airport, new boyfriend in tow - at 3.30am!
They'd been waiting four hours and it's the first time anyone's met me at Ben Gurion, so I was really touched.
A sherut to Jerusalem where we managed to wake everyone up in my hostel room and the afternoon at a deserted village and spring just outside the city.
I don't remember Emma ever being so keen on hiking, but it's so good to see her again!

And the evening?
Back to The Underground, beers 'n' straws and seeing David again for the first time in a year.
Funny how you can just pick up where you left off.
We grabbed a jeep and drove round Jerusalem in his break, chilling, laughing - catching up.
It was good!

The Underground gets under your skin.
A club where cars and jeeps seem to magically appear when you need them.
A club with a long memory and Amadeus weaving his magic.
Where else does that happen???

I've missed Jerusalem!

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