Monday, 24 March 2014

Liberty Lawn - and a distinct lack of rugby paraphernalia.

It's been a very long time since I've childminded, and looking around I'm not sure a nine year old boy is going to be impressed either by my current obsession with Liberty Lawn or - more importantly - by my distinct lack of rugby paraphernalia.
But he may like the cats.
Who may or may not be impressed by a 6.30am alarm call.

I have a love/hate relationship with working from home.
On a cold and blustery morning I am grateful for my commute stopping at the sofa and my desk being my lap.
However, I struggle with a (lack of) routine and often find the whole front room workspace/rural village claustrophic, particularly in winter. 
And I continue to crave urban on the doorstep.
Preferably Brick Lane.
And with my last two orders being pure 1960s Brick Lane vintage I reckon I can justify a trip...

I recently inherited a big box of vintage lace from a relative.
So beautiful - and so different to the mass produced lace available on the High Street.
I love the contrast of vintage lace against linen in this ipad mini sleeve.
Vintage lace protecting modern technology.
There is something timelessly classic about Liberty Lawn.
The fine threadcount, the lightness - the delicate florals and vibrant paisley prints.
And I can never bring myself to use the very last bits, which remain on my overflowing shelves.
As an ode to Spring I have added lavender to Liberty Lawn with these snoozy owls, along with tactile velvet.

And staying on the Liberty theme with these mice pincushions....and ipad mini sleeve below, made from linen and vintage lace.

And with Spring comes carboot trawls for vintage gems - which this week unearthed these two gorgeous glass jelly moulds- and how perfect are they for holding soap!

Although peering through the window at icy grey drizzle and the ominous threat of frost it's beginning to feel more like mid winter.
And SdotYam is beginning to look very appealing.
Which must be why I appear to be carrying my passport around on a regular basis...because you just never know!

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