Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I blame the marzipan. Absolutely.

Today has been one of those days.
Having woken up with birdsong and sunshine it was supposed to involve a camera, a boat or three and a vintage trawl.
Instead, I ended up unpicking the same seam not once, not twice but FOUR times!!! 
From vintage lace.
Time consuming, fiddly and incredibly frustrating.
I swore more than once and missed the bus.
So - no boats, no vintage treasures and a distinctly uninspiring fridge.
Hence the marzipan.

I have a particularly dysfunctional relationship with marzipan.
By nature I'm more savoury than sweet, but where marzipan is concerned - oh my goodness!!!
I'm not buying it anymore...
And it completely zapped my energy.

However, seam finally finished I did finish the offending article, which was a snoozy groovy dachshund sleeve for an ipad.
I love this riot of paisleys, which is pure 1970s vintage from Brick Lane.
As was the gorgeous crochet lace.
Brick Lane never fails to disappoint, and this particular shop is like stepping back in time.
Lace and haberdashery is housed in an antique cabinet with lots of tiny drawers and glass panels that wouldn't have looked out of place in a shop from the 1920s.
And the best bit?
You are encouraged to rummage!


  1. I love the paisley too. Even though it took a few attempts, it is quite worth the end result.

  2. Thankyou :)
    Funny how it's always the simplest things that defeat you on a bad day, and I've done similar seams hundreds of times,but this one...I even managed to sew the loop INSIDE the fabric on the third attempt!
    Sarah x

  3. I completely understand your relationship with marzipan :p
    The ipad sleeve is adorable!

  4. This is awesome. It was so worth missing your day of fun but now go out and enjoy your day! Your work is beautiful. Visiting from All About Blogspot~Cindy