Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Dear Diary...Sunday 25th March 1990. The jewel in Jerusalem's crown.

Oh my goodness...Jerusalem!!!
Spur of the moment, back to Jerusalem Wednesday night, with Christo.
Back to The Underground, the jewel in Jerusalem's crown, the bits they don't show in the guide books but should.
 That's twice this week.

Yoel Solomon.  
Heaving, buzzing, booming and young. 
Where else can you find clubbing soldiers with guns, dancing on tables with Mickey Mouse behind and Amadeus on the bar? 
I've never understood the cartoon thing.
But I love Amadeus.

It did cross my mind that David might not be expecting Christo aswell - but I knew Libby and Andy would be there...or so I thought, till we got to the hostel and found they hadn't turned up!
Luckily, they appeared at The Underground later, so leaving Christo in vaguely sober hands we borrowed a car and drove round for ages, ending up right the other side of Jerusalem, way past Damascus Gate.
Now that was a whole new Jerusalem. Damascus Gate has always been a boundary post...spectacular, but iffy beyond. 

Half hour turned into two hours and by the time we got back Christo'd disappeared, Libby'd disappeared and Andy was draped over a woman!

It was a good night.

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