Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dear diary....Sunday, 21st July 1991. Musing on hitching.

...and after the usual hiccups with arrangements I'm finally sprawled on my bed at the King George Hostel, Jerusalem.
I still get goosebumps on the approach to Jerusalem, even after all this time.
It's the cream stone, the green amongst the scrub - the chaos and bustle after an empty road - it's special.
But never, ever straightforward!
First, I only discovered yesterday that today is supposed to be a public holiday, but no-one seemed to know anything about it!
What if everything was closed?  No buses, no Underground!
Oh my goodness - but even a closed Jerusalem would be better than desert isolation.

Luckily, everything ran as normal, but it wasn't till I saw my first Egged bus that I could relax.
Not that I had the slightest intention of catching a bus, but it was a reassuring normality.

Trine, being very organised, got a straight lift from the kibbutz, organised the night before.
I was not so organised.
Having made plans to hitch with Emma's boyfriend, who was visiting family up north, I was surprised to find myself hitching solo at 7am.
He'd pulled out over the phantom holiday confusion.

A long wait for a car, but when it did arrive it was a moshav car going straight to BeerSheva.
Great - till it dropped me off at a desserted desert junction in the middle of nowhere, the driver pointing to the Jerusalem road along the Dead Sea.
I could feel my heart drop like a stone - there are two roads heading north from the desert - the new road and the old road, with the old road renouned for being dangerous for hitching.
I was being dropped at the old road.
Very apprehensive I left the safety of the moshav car and joined the two soldiers already there, prepared for a long wait and alot of hassle if they got a lift before me as there was nothing around for miles!

There aren't many rules for hitching, but the one I do remember is the avoidance of cars with blue number plates.  But - if I was stuck in a desert with no traffic and very little water I'm not sure about that rule anymore.
Incredibly, a car appeared within minutes, complete with shiny yellow numberplate and heading straight to Jerusalem!

He took all three of us, a crazy, crazy driver - thank goodness for an empty road - and I was at the Central Bus Station by 9.40am!
Who needs buses anyway???
That's the thing about hitching - it's addictive.
It may be dodgy and unpredictable, but the adrenalin rush you get from a good lift is amazing - plus, it makes my money go further!

Trine appeared at 11 and we spent the afternoon walking our feet off, battling a cold (Trine) and an eye infection (me).
Still no space at SdotYam, but looking hopeful for next week.

And tonight...The Underground.
That'll be beers and straws then.

The Underground.

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