Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tangerine and chocolate florals - groovy retro wonderfulness!

Today is a lazy day.
Lazy as in it's after 3pm and I'm still in my pyjamas, but productive as in ideas and inspiration.
Those invisible things that no-one sees - they just see the pyjamas and Hotel Chocolat wrappers and assume lazy.
Okay - partly true!

I loveHotel Chocolat - and I especially like the shop in Cardiff, with its free samples and close proximity to Wally's Deli - another shop that can leave me short on money and with a surprisingly small bag for the outlay.
But what I don't like is the new look Oxfam.
Oxfam is not a boutique.
It is a place to rummage and unearth a treasure without the inflated pricetag that appears to be applied within these new style boutiques.
Gone is the bland cream and green decor synonymous with Oxfam nationwide, and in its place is a black interior, complete with piped music and hiked up prices.
If it wasn't for the vintage haberdashery section, hidden away in a dark recess, I would have left immediately.

But that was yesterday, and today I have taken a scissors to a fantastic, groovy 1970s eiderdown that was still in is original packaging, and started on a range of retro cushions, doorstops and sausage dog draught excluders.

I love this fabric.
1970s decor seems to divide people into two distinct categories.
There are those that think it should stay firmly in the past and those who worship it.
And I worship it.
Absolutely and completely.
Long live tangerine and chocolate florals!

A groovy vintage owl awaiting feet.


  1. Beautiful work, such a cute owl!

  2. I used to loath 70s bold and brash fabrics, but now I love them! What a find - the materials looks great when used to make your pretty owl. Elaine

  3. That pattern seems so familiar to me, I'm convinced a school friend had that very bedspread!
    Feeling all nostalgic now, what it is to be a kid who went to school in the 70's :)

  4. I feel very lucky to have had a 1970's childhood - and these fabrics never fail to make me nostalgic :)
    Sarah x