Monday, 5 May 2014

Dear Diary....Friday 27th September 1991. The lure of Jerusalem.

A bad day at work, an enjoyable evening down the refet with Jacquie and Nat yesterday and now finally time to contemplate Jerusalem - oh my goodness - Jerusalem!!!
Oh dear oh dear!

Tuesday, Aude and I hitched down to Jerusalem after work, which took ages and ages but got there just in time for Happy Hour.
Too much sun, and too much beer 'n' straws, but the long walk back to the Jasmine cured that!

I love The Jasmine, and I particularly love their reduced rates, own keys and tiny garden.
I don't love the temperamental trickle of water that masquerades as a shower, but it really is an oasis of calm in a crazy city.

The Underground was heaving- busy, busy, busy - lots of dancing and jumping around, but then I lost Aude, who was on a mission with a bearded Russian, and fell asleep on a very nice man's arm in the disco.
Luckily, he was very understanding, or maybe just used to strange women falling asleep on his shoulder...

Prodded awake by Aude, we went back to the bar and got talking to Issy, before Aude offended him, saying what I do not know, but we met up again later and he made very good coffee.
With a really sweet, bonkers cat.

Which meant hitching back to SdotYam the next day hungover, tired and happy.    
Me 'n' Aude.

A portrait of  Issy, by Aude Martin du Pan.

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