Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Virtual DIY and a cluster of foxes.

May bank holiday.
Synonymous in the UK with swarms of harassed families descending on DIY shops, credit cards maxed out and heads full of projects destined never to be finished.
I managed to  avoid the DIY dramas, but it seems both dabbled in virtual DIY projects over the holiday, with mixed results.

Folksy - love, love LOVE the new interactive front page, which is a huge improvement on the old.
And very happy to have my snoozy fox included on their quirky, eclectic range of favourite finds.

I love making these foxes, and am currently working on a blue chintzy fox to hold open a door.
Navy and cream is such a classic colour combination, and it works well in chintz!
He'll match this snoozy fox cushion.

But as for Etsy - oh my goodness, what are they thinking with hiding shipping costs till checkout???
Not a fan, either as a buyer or a seller. 
Shipping costs are so important, and need to be visible before checkout, so there is no nasty surprise for customers assuming shipping is free.
Supposedly a ''test'' by Etsy on a small proportion of shops, judging by the avalanche of complaints the test pool seems to be large.
I'm hoping this test is short lived.

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