Saturday, 14 June 2014

The not so humble daisy.

Forget florists, with their abundant display of exotic blooms.
Or hothouse cacti and high maintenance fauna.

No, my flower of choice is the humble daisy.
And if I had to be picky, the Michaelmas daisy.
Pure, simple beauty, but it has to be white.

Daisies.  A bee's eye view.

As a child I was fascinated with daisy chains, albeit with smaller daisies!
Now. I am developing a fascination with photographing them.

Last year it was the street art of London; before that it was squirrels.
Yep,  I'd say I'm quite obsessive.

I love the contrast of the translucent white petals against a cloudless blue sky.
The essence of a quintessential British summer - but without the ominous grey clouds.


I remember reading an article some years ago about changing career.
The writer had made the comment that if you found yourself in a career rut and unsure of a path to take you should cast your mind back to school and remind yourself of the subjects you most enjoyed.

For me it was creative writing - a path I've never pursued - and art - which I have since gone back to.
At Art School it was textiles, which I have always loved - and photography, which I never had the chance to develop, as this was the pre-digital age and prohibitively expensive.

I think the writer had a point.


  1. Do love a lawn with Daisies - and buttercups, and the odd dandelion too!
    Heather and Gary :)

    1. Oohhh, so do I - and mine is full of them :)
      My dad, on the other hand, is weed averse...