Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chasing that elusive eight inch square.

When I was at secondary school I had camera envy. 
 It was the early 1980's, and my friend had a 120 film camera, which produced square photos. This was a definite step up from my Kodak 110, with its bulky, clip on stick flash. 
And both cameras are now on display in museums.

Tanbridge House School,  1982.

However, in 2013 I have rediscovered the beauty and symmetry of square photos, particularly for micro and creative photography.
Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for the square photo is not shared by mainstream suppliers of both photo frames and beveled picture mounts.  And not just in Swansea.
Apparently, these picture mounts attract a premium price as they are made to order, whereas the traditional, rectangular aperture is readily available.  
And as for square picture frames...

Which amazes me, as the square photo format is one of the most popular print sizes available for sale on

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