Saturday, 13 July 2013

Stung by the courier on a Saturday premium!

Three weeks ago I shut The Sherbet Patch and swapped rural South Wales for buzzing Prahran.  My first holiday in over a year!
I posted my last parcel, which cost just £3.  Bargain!
Three weeks later, I book on another owl with the same courier and the price has jumped to £4.20 - a price hike I knew about and grumbled abit, but still a bargain.  A bargain, that is, until I was stung with a £1 Saturday premium!  
Saturday premium???  Just what is it that makes Saturday premium???  Royal Mail treat Saturday as just another day, but obviously not the couriers....hmmm.  
So now I'm waiting in for the courier, who may or may not turn up anytime soon, to whisk Hibiscus off to Cheshire. 
Who will be the last owl I send anywhere on a Saturday.

I love Liberty Lawn, and this is such a flamboyant, vibrant print.
And it has been such a long time since I've been to London......

My newest owl is a doorstop called Ziggy.
Ziggy is made from a sweet, linen mix print by Kokka, featuring The Three Little Pigs.

I'm a big fan of Kokka fabrics and their whimsical, nostalgic take on childhood stories....pure, folk inspired, gentle kitsch!

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