Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thrown by a welsh heat haze through the fogginess of Jetlag.

Today is Thursday.
I know that as my phone told me so.  My bodyclock, now that's a different thing.
Does jetlag get harder as we get older?  For the first three days in Melbourne I was waking up at 3am - this morning, I was awake at 2am. 

From the trams of Melbourne...

Via Heathrow with The Lions...
Yesterday passed in a haze of jetlag, and arriving back in Swansea, to be greeted by a waft of tropial air and temperatures in the 80's, completely threw me.  Llanrhidian smelt like a spanish holiday resort - it's the smell I  associate with the Costa Brava, where Josh and I went to for many years during his teenage. 

Definitely not Llanrhidian.  
And my neighbour immersed in weeds and nettles in a long forgotten part of the garden.
Definitely not Llanrhidian.

I've missed the long evenings.
I've missed the cats.
I've missed my sewing machine.

back to Llanrhidian...
and two snoozy cats...

and a garden awash with colour and weeds and flowers.
I love sweet peas. So quintessentially english.

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