Monday, 15 July 2013

An ocean away...

I am a self confessed commitment-phobic.
Or, I thought I was. 
 I've changed my mind.
I used to think the best relationships were those with an ocean in between - any ocean would do, just so long as it involved a large distance. 
A previous relationship ended when the person in question took particular offence at my inability to let him over the Severn Bridge.  There were other factors, not least the fact he was verging on bunny-boiler, but the distance thing was definitely an issue.
Having spent my late teens to mid twenties using various kibbutz as enjoyable boltholes from whatever was bugging me in the UK, I was frequently restless.  And avoiding issues. And now, after 21 years in a rural welsh village, I am restless with a vengeance.  With a 21 year old son who is contemplating a possible life in Australia.  I recognise the signs.
And, suddenly, the ocean has lost its appeal.


  1. Fabulous photo of the sea. Liked your little story of how you are not now commitment phobic my daughter is moving to Spain this weekend not so far as Austraila still we all need our adventures, somewhere to visit? :)

  2. Thankyou :)
    I hope your daughter's move goes well this weekend, and you're would be a great place to visit for (long!) holidays - just the reality of the distance that's hit home.