Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bye, bye Australia, bye, bye 45....hello, biscuit tin.

As Australia draws to a close, so does 45.

Tomorrow, I will be 46.
 Oh - my - goodness!!!  How on earth did that happen???  46 is scarily close to 50, which seemed a lifetime away not so long ago.  I think I'll have a mid-life crisis of change and rash decisions.  Maybe I'll stick all options in a biscuit tin and pull one out at random.

21 years is a long time to stay in one place. 
A year is a long time to sell the same designs.
46 is not a year for standing still.

I will miss many things about Melbourne.
I will miss the delis, the food, the knitware - the boutiques.
Spending time with Josh.
I've loved seeing Josh and Issy together.
Catching up with Fiona.  
The blue skies and yellow light.
The photogenic boxes.
The stadiums!

On the plus side, it's summer in the UK and that means light till 10pm, with birdsong at sunrise.

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