Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mañana, mañana. The quirks of rural living.

Mañana, mañana.
This appears to be the new mantra of my village Post Office.

First thing this morning I traipsed up to the Post Office with an owl needing a flight to Australia.
I was greeted with the closed sign at the counter.

As Saturday is also half day closing and Birdsong had a flight to catch, I queried this, and was told the counter would be open in ''half hour, maybe two hours'' due to computer failure.

Two hours later the counter was still closed, but was magically opened for me to post my parcel -  now it was closed ''due to paperwork''.

Birdsong - enroute to Queensland.

Also of a quirky nature are my misshapen vegetables, grown in the weedy, overgrown jungle that masquerades as my back garden allotment.

While the cucumbers are monsters, the broadbeans and courgettes are decidedly stumpy and malformed.

And my dad is doing an awful lot of tutting about my abundance of weeds.  
I'm just not feeling sufficiently motivated to do anything about it.

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