Monday, 26 August 2013

Sun, sun, sun...

Happy Bank Holiday!

By the law of karma, bank holidays in rural Wales are awash with grey clouds. 
Particularly summer ones, but not this one.
 This weekend has been wall-to-wall sunshine - great for photos, for al-fresco sewing...for baking. 
I have gone through more butter than I care to remember, with a lemon drizzle cake and chocolate brownies.
When my son goes back to uni next month I will miss the baking. 

Lemon drizzle...the taste of summer.

  Saturday, via a vintage fair for fabric and china, I found myself in a funfair - or rather three rides, three stalls and an oversized sandpit.
But there was a very photogenic helter-skelter, and a big wheel.
I loved the helter-skelter, and have fond childhood memories of sliding down on a scratchy coir doormat, over and over again.

I particularly like this shot of the big wheel, which has a magical quality of a bygone age.
I have just listed it as a print in both my folksy shop and Etsy store, and am working on a set of greetings cards.

The Big Wheel.



  1. It was fabulous weather for the bank holiday! That lemon drizzle cake looks delicious, yum. Might you consider sharing the recipe?

  2. Hello!
    Will do - it's the best recipe for lemon drizzle that I've tried.
    Most of the recipes I use are from BBC recipes online, so are easy to add a link, but this one is from a proper, retro, hardback book.
    I'm on the case :)