Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Restoring my baking mojo...

I am definitely more a lover of savoury than sweet.

On the rare occasions that I do eat out I would never agree to share a starter, but can take or leave a pudding. And when it comes to hot, buttered toast there is no contest - marmite wins over jam hands down. 

However, there are some days when I just crave chocolate - chocolate is the exception to the rule - and today, chocolate comes in the form of millionaires shortbread.  
Homemade millionaires shortbread.  
And the shortbread aroma is wafting around beautifully as it bakes.  
(I'm just not thinking about the 450 grams of butter lurking in the mix!)

There is something very therapeutic about baking, and I don't do it enough.
I used to, but I lost my baking mojo.

Me and chocolate...we have an affinity.

And on a completely different note - how sweet are these spool mice!
Reminiscent of Bagpuss.  (I was a child of the 70's!)

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  1. Ah so sweet! Yes, they remind me of the Bagpuss mice (the We Will Mend It's as I used to call them). :D