Sunday, 8 September 2013

Jumping onboard The Magic Roundabout.

While Adam and the Ants was the musical backdrop to my teenage years, The Magic Roundabout is the tune of my childhood.

The tinkling theme tune, the flower power screen, Dougal, Zebedee and Florence were ever present in my 1970's childhood.

...and this week have inspired a range of flower power cushions, thanks to a gorgeous 1960's fabric that will always bring a smile to my face!
The material came from a treasure trove of vintage loveliness just off Brick Lane, in London.

Both the dachshund cushion and Hamble, in glorious 1960's flower power, are available to buy at both my Etsy and Folksy stores.

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  1. Aw, these are so sweet - I too loved the Magic Roundabout - it had so many flowers in, for no reason other than they looked great! Love the dachshund pillow especially :)