Thursday, 26 September 2013

The orange glow of Autumn, with a hint of tangerine.


Rustling leaves and warm scarves. 
Impulse buying of woolly things.
Bonfires and scented candles.
Autumn is a season of texture and colour, of yellow light in the evenings and delicate spiders webs encased in dew.

 It is also the season of orange, which I have used on this Ditzy Dachshund cushion.
A vibrant tangerine orange, which contrasts really well with the flower power 60's dachshund.

I seem to be veering between the wacky colour combinations of The Magic Roundabout and the charcoal grey embers of pinstripe for current projects.
Now I just need to find a cinnamon candle.


  1. Love the flowery Dachshund and the crackling fire, although I must admit orange is not my favourite colour.

  2. I bought a wooly thing today... am noticing more and more leaves on the ground, and far too many spiders are building webs overnight that get caught in my hair in the morning when I walk down the path... I am also loving that pillow!

  3. Thankyou :)
    Ooohh, the spiders! I am not loving the spiders - there were two whoppers in the bath last week, enormous things - no, no, no - am definitely not loving the spiders!!!

  4. What an adorable cushion! I love the warm, autumn colours.