Friday, 25 October 2013

Winter wool, the odd pirate and a distinct lack of chocolate hobnobs.

Storm clouds are brewing, my laundry basket is overflowing and I'm tempted to just seek solace under a blanket, with daytime TV and a packet of chocolate hobnobs.

Unfortunately, my hobnob supply appears to have shrunk to three biscuits. Just three, solitary biscuits.
I'd like to think there was a hobnob thief,, but as it's just me and two cats, I think it was probably me.
What is it with chocolate hobnobs and will power???

So - hobnob free - I'm going to finish stitching an owl.
This one is a tactile mix of tweed and powder blue wool.
Powder blue is so not a colour I'd normally choose, and I will admit to rolling my eyes when the idea was muted, but the contrast with the tweed is beautiful.
It's very easy to get caught up in reproducing old favorites and safe colour schemes, so I am very grateful to the customer who requested this blue, because it's opened my eyes to new combinations.  I'm still loving pinstripes, which I'm moving on to foxes.
Having lost my grey pinstripe to the Dr Who production team, I was so impressed with LeeMills in Swansea for unearthing this chocolate brown pinstripe.
Tweed and powder blue...who would have thought!!!

Particularly as it involved rummaging under hundreds of precariously balanced bolts of wool amongst the dust.

I love this shop.
A fox in need of whiskers.
The owner is a 70 year old with magpie tendencies.
 Despite having to squeeze your way up and down overflowing aisles, where releasing a single bolt of wool involves circus like contortions and risks an avalanche, LeeMills is apparently short on woollen fabric and ordering more.
It makes my own fabric stash seem minimalist....

Soon to be listed on Etsy.

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