Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The appeal of hibernation.

When the nights draw in and daylight fades; when village life grinds to a 6pm halt, I often feel that squirrels have the best idea with sleeping through winter.
Although I'm pretty sure that welsh squirrels don't hibernate, as they're always round my ankles when I stalk them with a camera.
But, with hibernation not being an option, I've resorted to a blanket, chocolate magnum and a very scented candle.

I love all the winter fabrics around this year.
The tweed, the vibrant shades of wool...velvet.
Velvet is a recent rediscovery and I'm planning on using it for fabric cuffs, with linen and lace.

Going with a warm blue and chocolate theme Prudence is my newest owl, resplendent in tweed and wool.

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