Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dear Diary....the ramblings of a 21 year old in 1989.

Oh my goodness gracious me - dusty old diaries from the 1980s!!!
This is an entry from my misspent youth....

Dear Diary...
Thursday 3rd September, 1989.
Guess who turned up at Gardner Merchant last shift?  Aussie Dave!!!
It was so embarrassing - he was talking to Michael in the washup and when he said hello I didn't even recognise him - and we went out together last year!!!
Granted, it wasn't for very long, but even so - still, it shows what sort of impression he made if I can forget him that quick.
When I did remember who he was - and I blame his facial fluff - it was nice to catch up. He leaves for Canada on Sunday so we went for a drink up the Village Inn this morning , before collecting my wages and dashing up to London, where I'm writing this while waiting for my coach to Swansea.
I haven't seen my family (except Dad) for more than a month now and I'm looking forward to it - and seeing the house now that they've moved in.
I'm getting into so much trouble at work at the moment. I'm going to have to be careful now, I think.
I haven't been coming out on time,  been banned from talking to Andy at the bar - and got caught round there by Tim, slagging hm off - after he'd told me twice about going round!!!  I couldn't believe it when he appeared, and it was a good job it wasn't five minutes earlier or I'd have been caught red handed with a double vodka! I was so lucky not to get a written warning.
And then there was the last night of shift, when I was so pissed off with Jean-Michel that I slipped round the Oasis about midnight to talk to Andy for awhile - and when I got back he was so mad he docked me my ten minute break!  I was fuming!!!

Tuesday 8th September, 1987
Well, this time next month I should be back in Israel!
Time's going so fast now and because it was all planned on the spur of the moment I can't believe it's really happening, though with just £7.77 in the bank and a one way ticket - not to mention a passport that expires in March - I really ought to get my act together.
I'm supposed to be working 12 night shifts on the trot now, which should help, but I've got to sort some new contact lenses too.
P.s....Simon appeared in the canteen last shift to talk about Israel and - GUESS WHAT?
He's bringing TWO suitcases, an electric shaver and a HAIRDRYER!!! What a peacock - he's taking more than me and Amanda put together!!!

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