Monday, 7 October 2013

The lure of London and life after 8pm.

The last time I was in London was more than a year ago.
It was the summer of 2012, when I managed to avoid the Olympics and seek solace in Brick Lane and the vintage paradise that is THE SHOP.

And - yes - that really is the name of this treasure trove of vintage, tucked away down a side street and devoid of a till, a telephone and other trappings of technical life. A shop stuffed full of vintage fabric and clothing, with a (working and in use) wooden Singer machine tucked around the corner.

A definite OH YES  for Saturday!

I am so looking forward to London.
 I've reached the end of the line with rural.
There may be green space and beaches and a relaxed pace of life, but there is also the 8pm curfew, when the only shop for miles is closed, public transport has ceased an hour before and the fridge contains no milk.
And 21 years of rural has made me lazy.

So...London on Thursday, the wonderful V&A in the afternoon,  Earl's Court,  The Ally Pally Friday, meeting a very old friend in the evening and the welcome novelty of no public transport curfew!
Invitation to all Folksyers/Etsyers for an AllyPally meetup this Friday!

This week the nights have been pulling in, the dew is heavy on the grass and summer is a distant memory.
Flowerheads are minus their petals and leaves are dropping.
Perfect light for photography!

                                             This set of three cards is called ''Summer's End.''


  1. I love those flower photos cards... nothing like the end of summer to send me outside taking photos of flowers to keep me going till next year...

    I also am guilty of not taking advantage of not being that far away from London. That said, it can be so dizzying that I'm often glad to get away again, so am obviously not cut out for the fast-life ;)

  2. I may be saying the same come Saturday evening!