Friday, 18 October 2013

From Brick Lane with love. Urban grit and creativity.

My love affair with London stretches back over three decades.
Moving to Sussex as a 12 year old in 1979,  I remember numerous family trips to London.  They included trips to Hyde Park, the landmarks, the museums, but what I really fell in love with was the wonderful London Underground - and Covent Garden.

When I went to Art School, my focus changed - along with my dress sense!
Now, it was all about Oxford Street, Carnaby and the odd dodgy club.
Gallery trips with Art School meant in through the front door, a cursory look round, then off to the Kings Road.

I missed London when I started my 21 year rural stint in Llanrhidian.
And I still miss it 21 years later.

This time around, my love affair is with Brick Lane, and Shoreditch.
I love the quirkiness, the raw creativity, the vintage edge.
I love the laidback, maybe 11, maybe later openings in the side streets, the way there's a photo opportunity round every corner and, of course, it's home to my absolute favourite vintage treasure trove on Cheshire Street. 

The urban grit and creativity of Shoreditch is both refreshing and inspiring.
And I've already booked my next trip back in November, for the Renegade Craft Fair.

This trip to London has opened my eyes to new ideas, and I feel completely rejuvenated.
I also feel cash poor but fabric rich, after the mecca that was the Knitting and Stitching show at the Ally Pally.
Oh, my goodness -so much beautiful fabric, so many gorgeous trimmings.
And a newly aquired penchant for linen.

It has also completely convinced me to make moving a reality, although that may be a long term project...
And call me fickle, but it won't be to Manchester!


  1. Oh how I love going back to London (but not to live, just to enjoy). I used to live near to Brick Lane during my 20s and had many a fun night out with work colleagues at Brick Lane Music Hall and also numerous different curry houses there. Loved reading your block and seeing the photos. Elaine

  2. I miss London too. I'm not all that far away now, but that thing you take for granted even on the fringes of London, public transport, is sadly lacking here, making a London trip a major event. Don't think I'd fancy commuting on the underground now, though, it seems even more crowded than I remember from 20 years ago.