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Dear Diary...Monday, 7th December 1989. Ramblings of a 21 year old backpacker in retro Aswan.

Monday, 7th December 1989.

The trip down to Aswan was sheer hell.
20 hours in a second class carriage on a cockroach infested, Egyptian train.  Oh my God!!!

On the platform we appeared to be the only tourists waiting for second class.  
As soon as the train pulled in it was like a stampede - a solid mass of people with baskets and chickens and hubble bubbles - all trying to get through the doors at the same time. 
Hands everywhere, groping, touching, and when we eventually found our seats we all collapsed in a sweaty mess.
And cursed the Aussie girls who'd assured us second class was fine.

We eventually made it to Aswan, and, wandering around in an exhausted, sleepless state, were horrified when we realised Lance had led us to a Youth Hostel.
A Youth Hostel!!! After the state of the hotels in Cairo!!!
Luckily he just wanted to pick up mail and we ended up at The Rosewan, just round the corner.
And the markets!!! 
Real markets, with sand and donkeys and silver and hubble bubbles.
And apparently beer too, though I have no idea where that came from.

The next morning we had to register with the local police, so they could track our movements in their country.
Then we met a crazy Nubian called Eden,who invited himself to lunch, before whisking us off to an Island on his felluka. 

My favouite memories of Aswan are the mad, crazy parties on the boat, me and Dave being bundled into a taxi mid silver browsing by Eden with no warning, to be whisked off to a nubian cafe for a dinner we hadn't known we wanted, painting the sail  and the bazaars...the wonderful, silver filled bazaars.
I love Aswan!

But all good things come to an end, and the morning we were supposed to be sailing to Comombo disaster struck.

EDEN HAD GONE!!!  While Kay and I were taking a last look round the bazaars, Eden had been arrested - FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER!!! - and was in jail!!!

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