Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Where black is black and white is white and grey.......well, grey just doesn't exist!!!

Welcome to the insular world of JobCentre Plus...... Yesterday, I learned many things.

Number 1 )   Self Employment is practically a swear word.
Number 2 )   They love paperwork.....realms and realms and realms of it.
Number 3 )  Childminding is ''employed'' work, whereas tutoring is not.      ????????
Number 4 )  Sitting on the sofa all day, flicking the control and buying a paper is good......sitting on the sofa, sewing and building up stock, is bad.    ????????

Where is the support for self employment?  Surely, in this rocky, economic climate, with limited job opportunities, self employment should be actively encouraged?  Next stop, my local MP!!!

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