Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Red tape and Beaurocracy.......

In three hours time I shall be entering new territory - the job centre - for the first time since 1980 something, armed with a large sheaf of paperwork and a head full of misconceptions and assumptions.  I am expecting a beaurocratic nightmare. 
I remember the last time I was there.  It must have been 1987 because it was Gatwick Airport JobCentre.....1987???  Oh my goodness,  that's 24 years ago!!!  Surely I've been since then???  I'd just got back from my first forray into that very '80's travel experience,  The Kibbutz Volunteer Programme, as a teenager, and got a job at the staff restaurant to pay for my next trip.  The walls were festooned with little cards, which you took to someone on the desk or slid behind others to stop anyone else seeing them, but I'm guessing it's all push buton technology now.  I think I'd prefer the cards. 

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