Monday, 9 January 2012

Project Humpty~Dumpty!

6pm on a gloomy Monday evening, and I'm sure it was only 5 when I checked a few minutes ago.  I need to get out of my (very comfortable!) chair, away from the lure of Facebook and get the Humpty Dumpty design out of my head and on to paper, as I have the ideal swirly, orange fabric for a retro 70's Humpty!!!   This will hopefully take my mind off the imminent interview at The Job Centre tomorrow, a place I haven't ventured for more than 20 years, and not a place I've ever wanted to go.  Hmmm, from what I've researched they're not overly keen on self employment and prefer to push the PAYE employment route. Dreading it.......
     23.52, and that's enough Humpty for tonight.  I have very fond memories of my own, floral Humpty Dumpty from the 70's, which my mum made.  Funny how there is always one toy that stands out, and for me, that's Humpty ~ I think he was made from curtains!!!
                                          The original Humpty-Dumpty!

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