Tuesday, 24 January 2012

By the light of the moon......

Everyone has their own way of working.  Being in employment brings structure and routine, working from home is more difficult.  The lines are blurred.  Where does work end and home begin?  The endless distractions of the internet, the teapot, daytime TV.  Am I an owl or a lark?  I wake early, love the still roads and birdsong of dawn, yet my most productive and creative time for work seems to be evening.  By the light of the moon.  Tonight, it's an octopus. A patchwork octopus. 
It's been a funny old week.  A cat on diazapan, a son ignoring me and a floral owl in transit to Birmingham.  My first online order!  Very exciting.  Royal Mail, don't let me down....... 
And then there was Penclawdd Produce Market.  Oh, my goodness, Penclawdd Produce Market!!!  Where were the customers?  Definitely not in Penclawdd.  But  there was the stallholder who refused to let me have the table next to her because my box contained a doorstop.  Who proceeded to pointedly ignore me for the duration of the event, throwing me the odd dirty look, and I was reminded of the school playground.  I think I'll take it as a compliment.

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