Wednesday, 11 January 2012

''Yes, mum, I have my toothbrush!''

It's a funny thing, grown~up children.  No matter how big, how old, or how much facial hair they sprout, in a mother's head they are forever Peter Pan.  As I'm writing this, my now 19 year old son, Josh, is jetting back solo from Melbourne, Australia to Llanrhidian, Swansea, a journey that will take 36 hours in total.  He popped over for a week......
Funny how things turn out.  When I was 18, I volunteered on a kibbutz in Jerusalem, an experience which kickstarted a love of travel, of airports, of new places......of  Israel.  I survived, my son survives, yet I still find myself reminding him to check his belongings, his passport, his toothbrush. I worry he'll fall asleep in transit, lose his way in strange airports, miss connecting flights......the list is endless!!!  But, most of all, I am very proud of him. 


  1. Pictures like "first brush", "first walk", "first smile" are good to see when you grow up. BTW, my Grandfather also worked in the fields when he was still strong (but he's not a kibbutznik).

    Jenna Schrock

  2. If he's anything like me, I don't think he'd appreciate the photo! :P Glad to find this blog though! Fell in love with your work on Facebook and I will, one day, get a cushion from you!