Sunday, 15 January 2012

One......two......three......and b r e a t h e !!!

Lavender.  The perfect antidote to stress, and, as any mother of a university age son will tell you, stress is ever present!
Despite a cold that has rumbled on for a fortnight, bringing with it a dulling of taste and smell, the aromatic scent of lavender is filling the air. And it's soothing. Very soothing. Against a backdrop of student finance, two dead robins and the sewing machine, it is the perfect stress buster.
Lavender. My latest project. Delicate lavender bags have lead on to robust, colourul pyramids.  I'm thinking  rosemary now. Dried rosemary bags, to scent the rather less pleasant odour of the shoe basket.  
 As a consequence of the lavender box, Humpty Dumpty remains legless.......


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