Thursday, 15 November 2012

Move over, owls...

Sometimes, I feel my home is being taken over by owls. Owls in various stages of production, draped decoratively over tables, the ironing trees.  
Waking up today,  peering out at the winter sky and my first thought was  ''What a great day for photographing owls!''  And not the feathery kind,  now that would be understandable.  Oh no - my owls are floral or tweed or bedecked in tartan, and photographing them involves conifer trees or blankets draped on chairs...all in broad daylight,  usually in pyjamas.  That's me in pyjamas, not the owls.  Now that would be silly!
Much as I love owls, I have wanted to make a fox for a while, but have been snowed under with orders.   
However, I have now cracked the owl backlog, so after a very productive rummage amongst bolts of gorgeous, autumnal, woollen fabrics I have made my first fox cushion!  I love the contrast of the orange fox against the burgundy background, and am now working on a snoozy fox, all curled up, with his head resting on his bushy tail.       Move over, owls!


  1. I love your work Sarah! The owls are lovely and my youngest daughter would love the fox cushion :) Good luck with your new business. Marie x

  2. Thank you so much - I am going to make another fox cushion, this time a snoozy one, but it's so hard to find the time!
    Sarah x