Saturday, 10 November 2012

Life skills.

My son has reached the grand old age of 20.  He can travel solo to Australia and is captain of the university tennis team.  He has lived away from home for the past two years, but if there is one thing that fills him with dread, it is the cooker.  Below is a conversation we had yesterday night.  The subject was gnocci, that complicated, italian food which requires four minutes simmering in water on the hob...

  • Josh Eves
    I couldn't work the hob, so I boiled a kettle, kept filling the saucepan and then draining it when the next kettle boiled. Did that a few times. Haha. And microwaved cheese sauce for it too! Ha.
    • Sarah Eves
      was it cooked?
      why could't you work the hob???
      • Josh Eves
        Of course!
        • Josh Eves
          Couldn't light the hob, will get lessons off my flatmates. 

          Oh my, oh my, oh my !!!

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