Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Apple crumble...pure comfort food.

 Looking back on a week in which I have waved 24 owls off to Newcastle,  an emergency food parcel to Cheltenham, closed my Facebook orderbook and rediscovered fishfinger sandwiches.  And now,  inspired by my mum's Sunday dinner, the sweet smell of apple and cinnamon is wafting round, as a crumble cooks in the oven.  Apple crumble - pure comfort food!
Cinnamon is said to be the happy spice - said to lift spirits.  Well, maybe it's the cinnamen, maybe it's the fairylights - or maybe it's knowing that I'm no longer behind on my orders - but I'm feeling very relaxed.
And happier now that I know my 20 year old son has food in his cupboards again, after the bank took a sudden interest in a depleted and beyond student bank account!  And how good are Tesco?  Order in Swansea, deliver to Cheltenham, all within 24 hours and all for £3.50!!!  

This afternoon I listed Petunia on Folksy.  Or all the owls I have made, Petunia is a definite favourite.  I love the delicate colour palette, and she's very appealing.   As is my apple crumble :)

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