Thursday, 8 November 2012

Desperately seeking...Hector.

Well, it appears that Hector has yet to reach the Knutsford depot.  Although I'm basing that on Mystic Andy at the depot,  who informed me that he knew Hector hadn't arrived as he hadn't been scanned.  Not scanned?  Hector is recorded mail, which means the only tracking available is a computer generated number to show he was posted (Llanrhidian), and a signature at his destination address to prove he was delivered.  Royal Mail, I am cross!!!  But Mystic Andy has assured me that if I ring again tomorrow they will have a better idea of where Hector is.  Really???  Needle in a haystack springs to mind,  but for now I have faith  in Mystic Andy.   

And the update on Hector?  He arrived!!!  Safe and sound, my faith restored in Royal Mail.

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