Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Widgets...oh my goodness - widgets!!!

Many moons ago, as a child of the 70s, a computer was something I associated with science fiction and films set in the distant future, like Space 1999.

Then primary gave way to secondary and the new school acquired a computer room.
However, this was shrouded in mystery, as I was neither gifted nor remotely interested in either entering the room or pressing the buttons on the great machine.
In fact, I managed to get through  the whole of my school life, and later Art School, without going near a computer of any description.
Now, that is a gift -  the great art of avoidance!

Which is strange, considering I now happily sell online and am very much attached to Facebook.
I can happily spend hours and hours tweaking photographs and fiddling with fonts and colours on a computer.
And I certainly couldn't imagine a bag without a mobile.
But then, along come widgets.

I consider myself to be as good as I need to be with the great computer, but just when I think I've mastered all I need for now, along come widgets.
And widgets come with geekspeak and complicated codes, which are subsequently spat out when I try to embed them in places I want them.
Which means they are then accompanied by loud mutterings and swearing under my breath

I will not let widgets become my nemesis.

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