Monday, 24 February 2014

Dear Diary...Wednesday 13th July 1988. An Athens distinctly lacking in oomph.

By the time morning came I'd decided I'd rather wander round Athens on my own.

Mark is driving me NUTS!!! Thank goodness for large sprawling markets with escape routes.
This was a mistake - Athens was a mistake, Mark was a mistake and now I'm having second thoughts about the au pair job too.
Maybe it's last minute nerves, but I haven't met the family, just the husband, and nothing was worked out properly, like time off and when I'd get paid.
I'm sure the family's fine but what if we don't get on and I know nothing about Thessaloniki.
And do I really want to be an au pair???

Which is why I'm sitting in the hostel, my last 24 hours in Athens, and $150 poorer after blowing the money on a return boat ticket to Israel, open for six months...

Bye bye Athens - bring on Haifa!

And the boat brought the wonderful Kibbutz Maabarot, with Mark, Angi and Iwan.
A crazy summer of parties, travel and great friends.

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  1. I also was in Greece in 1988. Contact me. There are some people I met I wanted to find!