Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pinstripes, pyjamas and a penchant for paisleys.

On a day when I can finally see sun amongst the clouds I am blowing the cobwebs off my forgotten blog.
I admire squirrels, with their talent for hibernating.
I could quite happily hibernate under a duvet for the winter.
And pyjamas really are the ultimate in comfort clothing.

As spring approaches, I am still hanging on to winter fabrics.
Can you really beat the tactile softness of wool and tweed?
Pirate owls are still decked in pinstripe, although I am now veering towards a gorgeous herringbone wool in charcoal grey, a new find from the fabulous Lee Mill of Swansea, a man who shares my love of Brick Lane.
Ahhh, the lure of Brick Lane.
Every month I get an urge to return to London, and every time I get drawn back to Brick Lane.
I love the vibrancy, the energy...the limitless photo opportunities!
Last time this involved lurking on a street corner in the rain to capture a bike revving through a puddle on the rain soaked road. 
Thank goodness for an abundance of bikes.  
And a perfectly placed puddle.


Some of my favourite vintage fabrics have come from Brick Lane, including this 1960s one, which was perfect for a retro dachshund.

Roll on Brick Lane in March!
I never need much of an excuse to visit London, but March coincides with a knitting and stitching show at Olympia, so it would be rude not too...


  1. Liking the pinstriped owl... Looks like he works at the city then nips off for a spot of marauding in his lunch break.

    noodleBubble X

  2. Thankyou!
    Love the marauding in his lunch break description :)

    Sarah x