Friday, 14 June 2013

Smoke in my ears....

Does our irritability fuse become shorter as we get older?  
Do little niggles become big problems?
Am I being unreasonable to think two unwelcome water features through my ceiling in a week is two accidents too many???

Well, on a scale of one to ten with my hapless neighbour I was a good eight on the fury monitor!
First, there was the soaking of belongings in a converted coalshed as water cascaded through the stairs above.  This was caused by buckets of water being repeatedly thrown over the stairs during a spring clean, only to take a diversion through my coalshed roof, through the sooty cobwebs and onto my belongings.
Okay, accidents happen. I waved my arms about, got cross and forgave.

Until last night.  
One minute I'm watching Eastenders, the next I'm disturbed by a sizzling sound from the kitchen.  A pan boiling dry?  Oh, no - this time it's a water feature - a water feature consisting of an ever expanding damp patch and a neat line of  big, fat water drops tip tapping onto the floor, just a foot from my fuse box.
And a neighbour who's out.

With smoke coming out of my ears, I shoved a note through his door - luminous yellow, so it can't be missed - and waited for him to get back.  Which he does, around midnight, and both him and friend both managed to miss the cross, luminous note.  I know this because the housing officer who insisted he let him in this morning did spot it.

The offending water feature was caused by a faulty washing machine.  My hapless neighbour has told me not to worry, he'll watch it when it's full of water!!! Watch it???  Bin it!!!  More smoke from my ears.

So now I'm on water watch, and hoping watergate doesn't come in threes.

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  1. I think I would be furious too. Sorry about your problems but try and cheer up, you make the most beautiful items! Edwina

  2. Oh my goodness! What a terrible situation. Your anger was surely justified.

  3. Edwina, thankyou so much - I feel so much better about it all today, and the ominous damp patch on my ceiling seems to be staying just that, with no more falling drops!

    Sarah x

  4. FireHorse3 - I think it was, but I'm not sure my neighbour did :)